Ship Management Service

ERMAR Ship Agency Division is a leader department that provides wide range of services through its dynamism and autonomy. ERMAR Ship Agency Division provides agency service in the all ports and piers in the ISKENDERUN GULF.

ERMAR SHIP  Management Division is a global party providing marine industry a diverse range of management services offering all aspects of cost-effective ship management with a quality of the highest order.

We are proud to be a combination of traditional values of trust, sincerity, integrity, hard work and fair business practices and providing them to our customers in innovative ways. We use in-house developed modern technology cutting edge software to provide our customers with information in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Our company dedicated to providing the highest quality ship management services with uncompromising attention to safety and in order to achieve these we invest heavily in shore and seagoing staff training, to ensure compliance well in excess of industry standard regulations.

Ermar  SHIP  Management Division is uniquely qualified to provide the following host of Integrated

Marine Management Services:

  • Technical Ship Management
  • Crew Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Insurance and Claim Handling Services
  • Accounting Services
  • New Construction Plan Approval and supervision Consultancy & Repair Supervision
  • Drydock Supervision & Negotiation
  • Conversions
  • Asset Protection Surveys
  • Ship Safety and Security Plans
  • Ship Classification Supervision
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance Implementation
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Ship Spraying

ERMAR SHIP  Management Division actively participate in various industry regulatory bodies to ensure that we are always in possession of the most up to date information and that we are in a position to act in the most interests of our principals. We believe in teamwork both within and with the clients, being competent and accountable to our clients in all areas of business to ensure the best possible solutions to any problem and that our service can always be improved to build up close long-term partnerships with our clients.