Technical Management

ERMAR SHIP Technical Management is the core stone of our ship management activities. Highly experienced technicians, whose close teamwork provides both the highest level of operational reliability and optimum financial results, staff the technical department. Technical department bases its activities on close teamwork with its clients and partners, as well as holds close professional contact with external authorities and flag states. Currently technical department takes care of all vessels under our management plus other vessels of client companies. ERMAR Shipping always uses most up-to-date IT tools to sustain efficient management and control. Moreover, Technical Department attaches great importance to the environment and safety.

The Company has promoted a \"No Blame\" culture with a view on obtaining the highest degree of information sharing in order to repeat success stories and avoid of any unfortunate incidents.

Our regional fleet management offices are structured to provide personal service to our clients in their own immediate geographic area.This uniquely decentralised approach ensures that the client is never any great distance from his manager - regardless of the global nature of the maritime industry.